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Wraparound Wellness and Counseling Services for Youth

Supporting your child and family with complex care solutions

A comprehensive approach to intensive in-person and virtual outpatient counseling, support and advocacy programs for young people birth-21 years old with complex behavioral needs.

The programs are designed for patient who would benefit from a higher level of care or are at risk of out-of-home placement. This service helps prevent inpatient placement when possible.

Our unique approach includes recreational therapy to help guide patients and their families through mental health counseling, care coordination and peer support groups.

A comprehensive and multi-dimensional approach

The Excelsior Wellness Center wraps around children to support them and their families while navigating complex care needs.

When your child utilizes our Wellness Center, they will have access to various services that can be used separately or jointly, to create a positive path forward.

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Wraparound Intensive Services (WISe+)

A team approach, facilitating individual and family therapy and peer support services for young people in crisis or those who would benefit from coordinated mental health support.

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Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

A temporary, structured outpatient program for daily therapy, life skills courses, and self-esteem building—an alternative to traditional hospitalization for behavioral and emotional challenges.

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Virtual Intensive Engagement and Wraparound (VIEW)

Innovative all-virtual therapy (including video game assisted, play, and talk therapies) to support young people navigating behavioral, mental, and emotional health challenges.

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Recreational Therapy

Therapeutic recreation and leisure activities that help address sociability, interpersonal relationships, anger management, and impulse control as part of a comprehensive therapy program.

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Supervised and therapeutic onsite care for young people with severe behavioral, mental, and emotional health challenges to provide respite time for caregivers.

Ready to get started?

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A Holistic Approach
To Advancing Community Health

Excelsior Wellness Holistic Approach Wheel


We create wellness-responsive environments that support holistic health


We promote the development of healthy relationships, a sense of belonging, and connectedness through inclusion


We build confidence in occupational and life skills


We promote satisfaction with current and future financial situations


We promote your abilities and find ways to expand your knowledge and skills


We promote behavioral health through increased awareness and self-regulation strategies


We promote expanding a sense of purpose in life


We promote moving well, eating well, and sleeping well

Excelsior Wellness Holistic Approach Wheel

Our Commitment

Excelsior employees are committed to self-improvement. Excelsior will continue to hold Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as essential in supporting our core Mission, Vision, and Values. Addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the work of every employee. As an organization, we will implement our plan through the commitment of executive and department leadership, our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council, and action teams consisting of representation across the organization’s departments. We believe the actions of a few cannot eliminate systemic inequities. Our success is dependent on employees and partners of Excelsior taking strong positive action for cultural change. Our commitment provides employees throughout Excelsior the tools and education to build a more culturally inclusive workforce accountable to the communities that we serve.

From a Thankful Patient

Great staff, innovative programs. They are really trailblazing clinical services every single day. I had the opportunity to live in this facility and watch it thrive.

– Google Review

The staff, counselors, and teachers are amazing and very friendly. They are very active in the community, and have been able to change so many lives for the better through their numerous programs!

– Google Review

They gave me my life back.

– Google Review