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About Excelsior Wellness Center

The Excelsior Wellness Center is a member organization of Excelsior Wellness, a nonprofit corporation comprised of four integrated behavioral health, wellness and primary care organizations who provide support and care for families and youth with complex behavioral health care needs:

  • Excelsior Wellness Center
  • Excelsior Family Medicine
  • Excelsior Integrated Care Center
  • Excelsior Holistic Schools

Excelsior Wellness Center was created as the therapeutic and counseling arm of Excelsior Wellness. We at the Wellness Center understand the importance of therapy in healing trauma, building foundational relationships, social adaptabliity, managing substance misuse, bridging transitions to adulthood, and developing strategies for coping and self-esteem that will be lifelong.

Different types of therapy are useful for different types of patients. For some, traditional cognitive behavioral therapy is the right approach. For others, the benefits of a low-pressure recreational therapy or virtual therapy may be of most benefit. More still benefit from a combination of multiple therapies. When we call the Wellness Center “wraparound services,” we mean that each patient is surrounded by a caring and supportive group of care coordinators, providers, and mental health specialists who will walk each step with our patients and families to develop a care plan that works. We encourage our potential patients and their families to learn more about our services through our web pages and see what type of therapy option may seem appropriate.

Empowering Youth & Families: Excelsior Wellness Center’s Holistic Mental Health Approach

At the Wellness Center, we want to be your trusted mental health care provider. We will walk through your child’s individual needs, provide necessary assessments and diagnoses, and come alongside you, the parent or caregiver, during critical moments, to coordinate all our services to establish a positive path forward.

In addition to caring for our patients, the Wellness Center is also an active advocate for mental health services in our community. We have developed meaningful and collaborative relationships with other organizations working to improve the health of our communities and can help families find additional resources available.

Together, we can make a difference for patients, their families and our community. We invite you to learn more about our therapy services and call us for more information on how to get started.

Excelsior Wellness’ Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Excelsior Wellness aligns people, institutions, and resources to restore and preserve our community’s mental, emotional, and physical health, and well-being

Our Vision

That all people live healthier, stronger, and more satisfying lives.

Our Goal and Commitment

Quality, Compassion, Adaptation, and Innovation

Ready to get started?

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