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Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

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What is IOP

This program is designed to provide support for youth navigating emotional or behavioral challenges through an engaging Intensive Outpatient (IOP) program, offering a dynamic alternative to traditional hospitalization. The program is structured as a brief but impactful intervention, incorporating diverse elements such as group therapy, individual counseling, and discharge planning to facilitate a smooth transition upon program completion.

The success of the program is contingent upon the personalized treatment plans tailored to each participant’s unique circumstances. While the program values input from families and youth, the treatment team collaboratively makes decisions regarding graduation.


  • Be between the ages of 11-17
  • Meet medical necessity (may need prior authorization from insurance company)

Daily Schedule (Example)

3:00pm – Check-in and snack
3:15pm – Mental health or Substance use education
4:00pm – Dinner and Life Skills
4:30pm – Therapeutic groups
6:00pm – Pick up

During the week youth will have scheduled time with a therapist or care coordinator. This could include family sessions.

Your Team Members

Peer Supports

Peer supports play a hands-on role in guiding you through daily activities and programming, offering real-time assistance, answering questions, and providing valuable feedback on challenges you may encounter. Drawing from their own lived experiences, they bring a unique perspective to help navigate your treatment journey. Beyond individual guidance, peer supports facilitate various groups, including but not limited to art, nutrition, crafts, and physical activities. Their involvement ensures a supportive and empathetic environment, enriching your treatment experience with diverse activities that contribute to overall well-being.

Mental Health Clinician

The mental health clinician will collaboratively develop a personalized treatment plan to address your unique mental health concerns during your stay. Using evidence-based practices, they provide comprehensive care and support, emphasizing the cultivation of skills for resilience. Beyond symptom management, the clinician aims to empower you with practical tools for navigating challenges and fostering lasting mental well-being within our care framework.

Substance Use Counselor

The Substance Use Counselor collaborates with you to create a personalized treatment plan specifically tailored to mitigate the risk of future substance abuse and navigate the complexities of addiction. This involves a comprehensive assessment and the implementation of evidence-based interventions, equipping you with effective strategies for immediate challenges and long-term recovery.

Care Coordinator

The care coordinator plays a pivotal role in guiding individuals through various care systems, facilitating enrollment processes, and linking them to essential resources. This includes addressing basic needs such as food and clothing, as well as providing assistance with transportation. By serving as a central point of contact, the care coordinator ensures that individuals receive comprehensive support and coordination to achieve overall well-being.

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