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Recreational Therapy

Excelsior’s Recreational Therapy Department

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Excelsior’s Therapeutic Recreation Enhances Youth Well-being

What is Recreational Therapy

Excelsior’s Recreational Therapy Department uses various activities like arts, crafts, animals, sports, games, dance, drama, music, and outings to help enrolled youth feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists aim to improve and maintain their clients’ overall well-being by addressing different aspects of health. They work towards reducing feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety, restoring basic movement and thinking abilities, building confidence, and improving social skills. It’s important to understand that recreational therapists are different from recreation workers; they are providing therapy through activity.


  • Must already be enrolled in a treatment program at Excelsior Wellness.


Excelsior offers monthly group sessions tailored to meet the needs of clients. You can access these groups through an internal referral from your already established treatment team. Groups may consist of crafts, Dungeon and Dragons, mindfulness, art, and many more!


Excelsior hosts camps during Spring, Summer, and Winter breaks. These camps serve as a respite for youth and families, providing support during school breaks to promote overall wellness.

Challenge Course

Operated by the recreation department, Excelsior features a six-element challenge course, including low and high elements, a Tree Climb, and a zipline. Engaging in these activities provides a unique opportunity to connect and discover aspects of oneself not typically explored in traditional settings.

Ready to Take the First Step?

Elevate your well-being through Excelsior’s Recreational Therapy—enroll for therapeutic activities like arts, sports, and more, led by certified therapists committed to enhancing your overall health and confidence.