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Companies Establish Integrated Managed Care Collaborative to Break Down Barriers; Promote Better Patient Care

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Qualifacts, Xpio Health and Excelsior Join Forces to Create an Innovative Partnership in Washington State

April 30, 2018


Excelsior, an integrated healthcare and education organization serving youth and their families through a variety of behavioral health, education and therapeutic recreation programs and services; Xpio Health, a leading provider of services and solutions for state and community behavioral health and human services organizations; and Qualifacts, a provider of electronic health records (EHR) designed specifically for behavioral health and human services providers, today announced an innovative alliance to create an Integrated Managed Care Collaborative (IMCC) in Washington State.

“Excelsior has an exciting vision for providing innovative services and technology for providers across Washington”

The IMCC brings together these three organizations within the behavioral healthcare space to serve a greater purpose: driving greater efficiency and enhancing outcomes through the use of advanced EHR technology and analytics. By sharing implementation resources and clinical expertise among providers in that region, this alliance breaks down the barriers to EHR adoption and expands the use of technology that would otherwise be unavailable to a number of healthcare providers across the state.

The collaborative is being led by Excelsior, one of the first behavioral health provider organizations in Eastern Washington to adopt integrated care, which provides primary, mental health and substance abuse services to children, adolescents and young adults across both outpatient and residential treatment settings.

Part of Excelsior’s focus is delivering quality care and positive outcomes by ensuring provider partners have access to the right tools and data. “Our goal is to help build a community wellness alliance to connect families to their future,” said Andrew Hill, CEO of Excelsior. “In an effort to make this happen, the partnership with Xpio and Qualifacts is key to enabling the IMCC to deliver on its mission.”

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